Chamber Gallery, NYC, 2016

We were commissioned by Chamber, a renowned Design Gallery in NYC's Chelsea neighborhood, to make a large scale custom blue gradient Plain Weave Shore Rug™ for the show "Just What Is It", curated by Matylda Krykowski. The rug was made in our Plain Weave style and measures 8 feet by 20 feet. It has a special gradient colour way: the center horizontal portion is a pure radiant blue, which turns progressively more deep purple towards the horizontal edges.

The show, which ran from October 27th to December 3rd, 2016 at Chamber's main location on W. 23rd Street in Manhattan, is centered around the theme of Collage

Named after the iconic 1956 artwork by Richard Hamilton, Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing?, Just What Is It at Chamber will explore groups of objects that are possibly as desirable now as the items featured prominently in Hamilton’s work were half a century ago, at the dawn of the modern consumer age. Hamilton pasted images onto a page, and Krzykowski will place objects in a space, creating a collage of contemporary works in real life.