Moonstone Floor Pillow

Clouds of Venus – A surprising mix of lavender, mango, and beige give Clouds of Venus an otherworldly beauty.

Lake Neptune
Jupiter Sky
Clouds of Venus

• Made in our 1" thick Bold Weave.
• Fully handmade in London, England. 
• Free shipping worldwide.
• Made of custom-engineered high-performance silicone.
• We aim to have made-to-order pieces complete within 3-6 weeks. Larger orders might require more time. Please contact us at time of order to confirm.

Our Floor Pillows are both super robust yet amazingly plush and comfortable. Copiously stuffed with a durable filling encased in a waterproof lining, our Floor Pillows are unaffected by exposure to water (including salt water) and offer unsurpassed weather resistance. An extremely versatile and beautiful seating option or accent piece for any space. Can be fully customized in any color or pattern. Learn more here.