Dazzle Pillow (Limited Edition)

A special limited edition pillow made in our sublime Dazzle pattern. Each pillow in this style will be totally unique- constructed of countless hues picked from our library of over 100 colors and all the organic tones that come from gradient color mixing.


• Made in our 0.5" thick Fine Weave.
• Fully handmade in London, England. 
• Free shipping worldwide.
• Made of custom-engineered high-performance silicone.
• We aim to have most made-to-order pieces complete within 3-6 weeks. Certain styles, sizes, and larger orders might require more time. Please contact us at time of order to confirm.

Our Pillows are the ultimate in outdoor/indoor decorative accessories. They’re super plush and filled with a durable waterproof stuffing encased in a waterproof lining. Our pillows can live outside all year round but are just as great in any interior.